“I never imagined I could make something so beautiful, so fast. The Girls Who Innovate team showed me how to shape my ideas into a product in just a couple of sessions. I would recommend this class for anyone who wants to create and build something unique that represents your ideas!” Sarah, senior in high school


“I love Marine Biology, so I built a game that teaches fun facts and conservation facts that everyone should know. It was great to be creative but also have the easy-to-use tools I needed to make my ideas come to life.” Joanie, freshman in high school


“I built my app-demo around anxiety triggers. So many girls suffer from anxiety. I really wanted to help. Madeline and Maureen made each day really special. They were both great mentors and they taught me so much. Everyone should take this class.” Natalia, sophomore in high school


“Madeline and Maureen make everyone so comfortable. You immediately feel creative and productive. I loved the brainstorming and working with other girls on my project!” Geneva, junior in high school


“I have always had a passion for design and fashion, now I have a product demo to showcase that passion!”  Maddy, senior in high school